Lara Zalon Jewelry Design

The pieces you reach for day after day

I create light and comfortable jewelry made with high-quality gemstones, pearls, sterling silver, solid gold, and gold-filled findings.

Each piece is individually designed and handcrafted to be simple, elegant and easy to wear, with a little edge that makes them noticeable.

I know you will find something that catches your eye.

Featherweight Champions

I strive to make my jewelry as light as possible with no pulling on your lobe or your neck.

Jewelry you can forget you are wearing is the easiest way to comfortably add a little zhuzh to your look.

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Natural gemstones are mined or found in nature, not created in a lab. Their colors come from mineral deposits. They develop under intense heat and pressure and can take millions of years to fully form. Each one is unique. Rarity imparts value.

This chart from the International Gem Society ( lists the classic gemstones attirbuted to each month.

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