Artist Bio

Lara Sanders

After studying fabrication at Kean University in New Jersey, I interned with a fine jewelry designer in New York City before launching my own line. Since then, I have had pieces featured in In Style and Lucky magazines and have had an exclusive deal with a fine jewelry store in my area for my own line of goods in addition to custom pieces and repair jobs.

I have dabbled in many techniques over time, and, like most of us, I’m still evolving. While I can't find a medium I like best (I'm constantly attracted by another technique I want to master), I won't sell anything I haven't tried and tested to fit, be comfortable, be strong, and lay properly on the body.

The pieces I feature in my Etsy store have stood the test of time; that is to say, have sold well and maintain interest. They are mainly accent pieces (not bold statement makers, for the most part), and easy to wear (both versatile in look and light in feel). I think you’ll find that you will be able to incorporate my designs into your wardrobe and your life, and I hope you’ll enjoy wearing it as much as I do designing it.